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Dynamic Testing Solutions has four options for alcohol testing. We can test the subject’s breath, urine, saliva or hair/nail.

Breath alcohol testing

A breath alcohol test at our facility is similar to a breathalyzer test the police would administer. We use the Phoenix 6 breath alcohol machine, which measures the content of alcohol in a person’s system from a breath sample. The test subject simply takes a deep breath and then blows into the machine until their lungs are empty. Alcohol stays in the breath for approximatly 8-12 hours depending on the amount consumed.

Urine alcohol testing

Urine alcohol tests are used to detect alcohol ingestion, mainly within the past week, or longer with regular drinking. While the tests indicate the presence of alcohol in a person's system, a positive urine test does not necessarily mean the person was under the influence of alcohol at the time the test was administered. A urine alcohol test detects the use of alcohol within a 24-hour period, or for up to 80 hours beforehand. We offer both the Urine Alcohol and the EtG test. 

Saliva alcohol testing

Saliva alcohol testing is a rapid, highly sensitive method to detect the presence of alcohol and to provide a semi-quantitative approximation of blood alcohol concentration. Saliva alcohol testing analyzes saliva collected with a swab. The test subject places a collection swab in their mouth until it is fully saturated with saliva, and then places the swab in the test analyzer. If the test is administered correctly the analyzer results are ready in 2 – 5 minutes. Saliva alcohol testing can generally detect alcohol consumption within 24 hours.

Hair Follicle Alcohol Testing

Hair alcohol test measures average alcohol consumption over a period of approximately three months. This indicates the level of alcohol use during that time period and can provide a behavioral indication of excessive use. The hair test measures Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG), which is a trace metabolite of ethanol and is considered a direct alcohol biomarker. This test is used to provide answers about alcohol abuse and give an indicator of those dependent on alcohol.

Nail Alcohol Testing

Nail alcohol testing is similar to Hair alcohol testing, both measure the Ethyl Glucuronide (EtG) a trace metabolite of Ethanol. A Nail alcohol test is completed by clipping the donors fingernails. Each clipping must be 2-3 mm long and taken from all 10 fingers. Nail alcohol testing can be used as an equal alternative to Hair testing. 

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