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NEW Service - Ancestral DNA Testing

Sarah Atkinson - Wednesday, July 09, 2014

Dynamic Testing Solutions Ltd. is proud to announce the launch of our 

new service - Ancestral DNA Testing. 

Ancestral DNA Testing

Discovering your ancestry and gaining a glimpse of where you come from is exciting! Our genetic tests will examine all your ancestral lines at once, to tell you which countries and ethnic groups your ancestors came from.  The test confirms any Native American, African, Jewish or Asian ancestry; if you are primarily European, you will also receive your top ten matches from different European countries. This dates back up to 500 years, to give you a picture of where you and your ancestors come from.

Included in your DNA test result package is an 11 page personalized report, including 2 maps and a certificate of testing.

DNA Ancestral Profile $385.00

This includes your DNA profile. 16 markers within your profile are analyzed for comprehensive autosomal ancestry.

European ancestry is also analysed for the top countries or nationalities of Europe where your immigrant ancestors originated.

Megapopulations are also calculated to give you your leading world regions of origin. This is useful to verify Native American Indian, Sub- Saharan African and other ethnic ancestry.

Melungeon Calculation gives you your world population rank match to this historical Appalachian ethnic group.

This test also includes 18 marker ethnic panel calculation. The results include single or double inheritance of Native American Indian, European, African, Asian and Jewish alleles in your DNA Profile.

Additions to the DNA Ancestral Profile

Rare Genes from History $210.00

This addition will identify 26 of the new markers that are rare, and that’s what makes them interesting. These markers can trace you lineage back to King Tut, Helen or the Yellow Emperor; for example. These rare but robust signals of deep history can act as unique touchstones for the surprising stories of individuals and help clarify your DNA Ancestral profile.

Neanderthal Index $120.00

This addition can estimate how much Neanderthal is in your ancestry.  It has been proven that Homo Sapiens and Neanderthals mingled and over time produced children with genes with both lineages.  Today, the biological remnants of that collision between two distinct populations remain alive in the genomes of Europeans and East Asians.

DNA Art $145.00

This is a colorful representation of your DNA in a picture file copyrighted with your name. It’s a fun gift to give any genealogy enthusiast.

Please call our office if you have any questions or looking for a specific test. One of our specialists will be able to assist you.  

All DNA tests take 3-4 weeks to complete.


We guarantee excellent customer service thru our timely communication and fast accurate results.

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