Child Profiles

Some parents will do anything to keep their children safe.

A DNA profile of your child is an important aspect of any child safety identification kit. It remains accurate — always, regardless of changes in physical appearance.

Collection is quick and painless

The DNA sample is collected with a simple cheek swab.

And there’s no time like the present

When disaster strikes and a child goes missing, time is a precious resource. If the authorities have ready access to the missing child’s DNA, they’ll be armed with valuable information from the start.

We can help parents put together a child safety identification kit that includes a DNA profile (with 16 genetic markers), an emergency contact sheet, and a wallet-sized identification card with child’s photo and fingerprints that can be renewed annually.'

The information is yours to keep

After the child profile has been created and the parent receives the paperwork, the DNA sample and all related files on site are destroyed. Your child’s profile belongs to you and you alone.

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