Court-ordered testing is serious business, for everyone.

We have consulted many groups within the legal system, as well as with our clients, to create a fair random testing program tailored to individual situations.

Our office regulates specific aspects of the testing process to provide a supportive, peaceful, non-judgmental environment. Our experience tells us this increases compliance as well as our success rate.

We safeguard the chain of custody of test results with thorough documentation.

And we’re able to give testimony in court.

We ensure all parties are able to ask questions in a confidential manner, and that they have the information they need to request appropriate testing, be it for DNA, drugs or alcohol.

In the interest of expediting the process, we’re able to email the test results to all parties involved.

We book same-day appointments.

And within 48 hours of most tests, we deliver accurate, meaningful results that are easy to understand. The most common tests render instant results.

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We guarantee excellent customer service thru our timely communication and fast accurate results.

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