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Please remember that tests are ordered on a per donor / person basis.You must create separate orders for separate donors. Once you have completed your order (of one or more tests) you will be taken to our on-line booking system to book the donors appointment at our Calgary office. You will be asked to provide the Donors name on the Check-Out page of this order.

If you are unsure of which test is most appropriate for you please give us a call.

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7 Panel POCT ( Instant Test) $90.00
7 Panel POCT plus Breath Alcohol $140.00
12 Panel POCT ( Instant Test) $125.00
12 Panel POCT plus Breath Alcohol $175.00
Confimation of Positive POCT to Lab $75.00
Lab Based Test $120.00
Lab Based Test plus Breath Alcohol $170.00
Lab Based Test Plus Urine Alcohol $180.00
Breath Alcohol $50.00
Audiology $45.00
Hair Follicle Alcohol Testing $250.00
Hair Follicle Test 5 Panel $250.00
Hair Follicle Test 5 Panel plus Extended Opiates $300.00
Hair Follicle Test 15 Panel ( or Nail Testing) $697.00
Nail Alcohol Testing $360.00
DNA Paternity Test $420.00
DNA Paternity Test additional Father or Child $200.00
DNA Paternity using Forensic Sample $620.00

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