We’ll help determine a good fit

Our pre-employment medical assessments are designed to determine if employee candidates are fit to perform the physical requirements of the job.

Our Occupational Health Nurses will conduct a comprehensive medical assessment, including:

Health history

Vital signs, height, weight, urine analysis

General physical assessment and range of motion assessment

Kraus Webber back assessment (checks for weight-lifting capacity)

Vision assessment

Far vision test (Snellen chart)

Near vision test (Jaegar-Snellen chart)

Colour vision test (Ishihara 14-plate assessment)

Peripheral vision fields

    We can define the physical requirements of any job before you fill it.

    Physical demand analysis: Using the job description in consultation with a company representative, we can determine the precise physical demands of any company position. Our Occupational Health Nurse can then use this information to screen job candidates according to their physical ability to do the work.

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