Know what to expect for confidential, private testing

If you are planning on having private drug, alcohol, steroidor DNAtests performed at Dynamic Testing Solutions, please read the following:

Without photo ID you’re nobody !

All donors for private tests are required to present photo identification (preferably a Driver's Licence). If you cannot provide us with acceptable photo identification prior to private testing, we cannot put your name on any of the corresponding paperwork. Instead we will write “No photo ID — Unknown donor.”*

Come prepared

Urine Drug tests

You will be required to provide a urine sample so please be ready to use the washroom upon your arrival. If you cannot provide a sufficient sample, you may be required to stay for up to three hours.

Hair Drug tests

Our technicians need to cut approximately 90 – 120 strands of hair from your head. This is normally cut near the crown of head. Your hair should be at least 1.5 inches in length for a hair drug test.

DNA test

All our DNA testing is performed using an oral swab that will be rubbed on the inside of both your cheeks (Buccal Swab test).

* This does not apply for employer testing.

We guarantee excellent customer service thru our timely communication and fast accurate results.

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