Workplace Drug Testing

Our workplace drug tests are quick, non-invasive and methodically accurate.

There are three types of regular workplace drug tests.

The first, a point of collection urine test offers instant results. We use 7,8,12-panel and or Fentanyl Strips instant tests, depending on the nature and number of substances being tested for.

The second is a lab-based drug test. The urine sample is divided into two containers and sent to a lab for testing. Results are generally available within 24 – 48 hours. Positive tests can take longer as they are reviewed by an MRO.

The third is an oral drug test using a saliva sample. This oral test can be administered as either a Point of Site test or at a lab. It is a practical drug test option for workplaces where there are no securable washroom facilities available.

All non-negative test results are reviewed and confirmed by a Medical Review Officer.

We follow defined procedure to the letter.

All US Department of Transport (DOT) urine tests are sent to a lab for testing in accordance with 49 CFR Part 40 procedures.



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